Oh hey. This is that awkward part where I have to talk about myself and say all of those things that make me sound like "the guy". I started out as a Jr. Art Director working on the Ford CRM account at Team Detroit. Pretty cool! I learned much of what I know now by working with a lot of great people on a lot of different accounts there, including Ford Credit, Owner Welcome Kits and Ford Service. Sounds fancy, I know. But let's face it, I had a lot more to learn.

Which is why in 2010 I headed over to an unknown agency (Meredith) to work on CRM for a bankrupt company (Chrysler). Surrounded by awesome people and with a bevy of different brands to work on, I thrived here. Working on all of the big boy projects became the norm and the trophy work was really piling up! I picked up all of my print expertise during this time, but with things trending toward digital and mobile, I knew it was time to adjust. I put an emphasis on email and over the next few years became the "email guy". What's that mean? I'm a bit of a translator between design and code. What we want and what we can actually do. Email innovation, dynamic template development and mobile responsive design are also on the list of things I do.

In 2016 I took over creative leadership on the Jeep Brand and the TGI Fridays rewards accounts, managing a team of creative peeps. When I realized it was time to take on something new, I packed my bags and headed back to Ford Credit as a Product Designer. I learned a thing or two (actually, a lot of things) about UI/UX while working on an agile product team. Less than two years later I took on a leadership role, overseeing several digital products and team members.

TLDR: I got a job and turned it in to a career!